An Aspiring Artist’s Rise – How Marketing Helped Me

Edmonton Alberta – Where it all began

Hello everyone, my name is Alex, and today I will be talking about how I benefitted from Edmonton’s top SEO company, Search Beast and their services. First off, I’d like to tell you a bit about myself; I am 26 years old an aspiring artist based in Edmonton, Alberta. I began painting when I was the wee age of 3 – yes, basically ever since preschool. My fingers were always glued to the crayons and colouring sheets. I remember my preschool teacher praising one of my pictures of my mother and I walking down a path in the middle of meadow. She told my mother that I would “go places” with my artistic ability and advised my mother to encourage me as much as possible. Well, she wasn’t wrong.


Fast forward 21 years later and here I was, living in a shabby one bedroom flat trying to hit my big break. I went to numerous art shows and showcased my most prized canvases hoping just one person would scout me. Unfortunately, no one did. However, a close friend of mine counseled me to instead set up a site where I could sell copies of my artwork and make custom canvases for customers – basically a decor website. Although I was really against it, only reason being my ego wouldn’t allow my precious artwork to be watered down to a piece of furniture hanging off a wall in a dingy house, I reluctantly agreed because I needed to pay rent. How shameless, right?

My Results

So at first, I wasn’t getting much responses but I was able to sell one or two paintings. Soon afterward, I received a call that changed my life completely;  Search Beast , a company that specializes in search engine optimization and social media marketing contacted me and offered to help me get my website onto page 1 of google for a decent price. After seeing their remarkable skills, I hastily agreed and I have never looked back. Today marks two years since our two companies have gone into business and I have made hundreds of thousands in sales! I moved from my one bedroom flat and bought a house for my mother and I. I hired other aspiring artists and branched out of Edmonton. I’ve had so many successes ever since I hired Search Beast and I’m definitely looking forward to what the future holds for my company. They definitely are the best in the business.

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