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Static Meeting on September 2, 2008

Click on thumbnails for a larger picture.
All pictures by Jared Fein.

Summer is over.  The first meeting after summer is early in September by the Static Division.  Since the weather is still great for outdoors activities the number of attendees is still relatively small.  Nevertheless the skill and workmanship shown is exceptional and so are no doubt the pictures by Jared Fein.

Bill Huxhold and his tiny, perfect steam engine cylinder is a great start.  The size of the engine cylinder is shown below by the hand holding it.  It is perfect!

Next James Gardiner presented us with pictures of boats.  The photography was so perfect that he could enlarge the pictures to poster size.  They should be hung in a museum.

Below is the coastal ferry "Renaissance" by Michael Ng.  Made of card stock in beautiful detail this double ended ferry is one of the three sister ferries running out of Vancouver, BC.  The other two are the "Inspiration" and the "Celebration".

The "Queen Victoria" shown below is in her early stages of construction.  Wouldn't it be nice to spend a few days on board to see everything in real size.  Mike is just going to do that - no wonder he is smiling.

Hard to recognize without the rigging and sails is the "Bluenose" shown below.  Bob will still have some work ahead of him to show her in full splendor.

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Last modified on September 19, 2008