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The Seaway Queen
A tour of the "Laker" tied up in Toronto Harbour
June 10, 2001
The Outside  |  The Engine Room  |  The Helm  |  Lunch

The Seaway Queen and the Canadian Trader retire from their duties on the Great Lakes.  The Seaway Queen was built in 1959/60 and was equipped with the latest technology at the time.  Time didn't stand still and although they still look like two great ladies their equipment is now outdated.  The Metro Marine Modellers had the opportunity twice to visit her and under the guidance of the chief engineer Nicholas and Don Keeley who know these boats inside out, we had an experience rarely granted to the public.
Click on pictures to view details enlarged - it's time well spent.
Pictures and Text by Klaus D. Ruthard (ruthard@home.com).
SQ.jpg (54924 bytes)
SQ1.jpg (102385 bytes)
SQcargoholddeck.jpg (62501 bytes)
SQcargoholddeck1.jpg (47372 bytes)
The "Canadian Trader" and the "Seaway Queen" anchored side by side for the last time in Toronto harbour
With no cargo on board the decks of the "Lakers" are high up off the pier
The "Canadian Trader" at the left has been sold for scrap to China...
...the "Seaway Queen" will travel a short distance to Hamilton harbour to be used as a museum. 
SQharbour1.jpg (53128 bytes)
SQharbour.jpg (60965 bytes)
SQlifeboat.jpg (51003 bytes)
SQsister.jpg (41584 bytes)
To get to the "Seaway Queen" you have to cross the "Canadian Trader" first
Looking west at a small pleasure craft in the water and more of Toronto harbour
This is one of the two life boats, each holding 44 persons
The "Seaway Trader" looks as good as new.  Will she have a new future in China?
SQpropandrudder.jpg (28683 bytes)
SQsister1.jpg (56396 bytes)
SQdeckdetail1.jpg (63945 bytes)
SQdeckdetail.jpg (30823 bytes)
She may sail the Yangtse River or the new lake created above the Yangtse River Dam.
With refurbished engines and modern navigation equipment she might last another 40 years
The size of the boat was amazing to me
The foot as a size comparisons shows the detail which also can be seen in the picture on the left.
SQdeckdetail2.jpg (65735 bytes)
SQdeckdetail3.jpg (85718 bytes)
SQdeckdetail4.jpg (49710 bytes)
More deck details:
the opening with the rollers for the ropes that tie the ship to the pier and the clamps that tighten the hatches down -  62 for each hatch.

The Outside  |  The Engine Room  |  The Helm  |  Lunch

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